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Literacy Resources

Children of the Code

PBS Series with videos and 100 interviews with top experts in the field of literacy: neuroscientists, psychologists, reading researchers, educators, economists, and policy leaders.


Simplify Difficult Text - Free Software.


About the Brain

Neuroscience For Kids

University of Washington website that makes every possible aspect of the workings of the brain understandable to children.

Brain Training

Brain Training Cognitive Training and Memory Workouts.

The Secret Life of the Brain

The Secret Life of the Brain PBS 3-D images of the brain accompany episodes about how the brain works.


Learning Disabilities

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Assistive technology for people with dyslexia includes text-to-speech apps, dictation software, word prediction programs, electronic graphic organizers, and numerous tools that support note taking and study skills.

Learning Disabilities Online

The educator's guide to learning disabilities and ADHD.


Local experts on the advantages of Dyslexia Book Titles: The Mislabled Child and Dyslexic Advantage. Videos and much more.

Understood: for learning and attention issues

8 movies about Dyslexia

Yale Center for Dyslexia

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.


Testing and Instruction

Types of Educational tests

Translation of all those Educational Tests.

14 Assessments that are Specifically for a Dyslexia Diagnosis



ADDitude: Living Well with Attention Deficit

All roads lead to here! Articles, links, tips, resources, treatments, support groups, etc.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

National Organization Membership is required for some conferences and resources.

Understood: for learning and attention issues

Slide Shows, FAQs, Videos, Checklists, Myth-busting


Executive Function Coaching


Seth Perler



Getting the Writing Engine Started (By Kendra Wagner)

Writing a challenge to many students, and this article addresses those who are twice exceptional: gifted and learning disabled. Because the act of writing is full of many layers of creativity, skill, and motivation, there are many aspects of teaching it.

Handwriting Help at Home (By Kendra Wagner)

Is your child discouraged by her own messy work? Help her show what she knows with these tips for neater writing. 

Overcoming Dysgraphia and Writing Challenges: A Guide for Teachers and Parents (By Kendra Wagner)

In this webinar, Kendra Wagner, M.A., explains how to identify and overcome dysgraphia and writing challenges.

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Excellent Program. Used by many Homeschoolers. Free Articles.

Road to Grammar Jr: Grammar and ESL for Kids

Several levels of difficulty in quizzes on all aspects of grammar and vocabulary. 10 items in each quiz, so you can pop on the site and pop off!

Grammar Monster: Grammar Lessons and Tests

For middle school and higher, this has lessons and tests.

The Interactive 6-Trait Writing Process

What many teachers, test evaluators, and entry exam scorers use to evaluate writing.

Teaching Resources by Steve Peha (Local)

Handouts and More! All free. All K-12.

The Best Free Grammar Websites

20 online games for 2nd - 12th grade

Quill: free tools to make your students better writers

Free grammar practice and writing for all grade levels